Hello there!

The fact that you have landed on the home page of this website, gives me enough proof, that you are an entrepreneur, looking for an opportunity to start a franchisee business. Isn’t it?

I am sure your mind is clouded with questions and doubts about what the future can hold as a franchisee with AyurCentral.

Believe it or not, you are not alone. Every existing franchisee’s mind was clouded as much as yours, if not more. In the next few minutes, I will tell you the reason why they said yes to AyurCentral and what their journey has been.

No, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can do your own due diligence and find out about what makes a franchisee opportunity with AyurCentral, significantly different from the rest.

Now, here are the reasons that made the present franchisees say yes:

  • First and foremost, AyurCentral, as the name suggests, has an incredibly strong foundation in Ayurveda. I am sure you know Ayurveda itself has 5000 years of legacy, which no other branch of medicine can match up to.
  • Second, Ayurveda is growing and spreading its branches and is continuing to bear rich fruits both to people who seek cure and to those who practice it as an effective alternative form of medicine.
  • Third, AyurCentral was started by a group of seasoned, highly experienced, individuals who have decades of experience in Ayurveda as doctors and as marketing specialists. So, the founders have a clear vision and an unwavering dream of making AyurCentral the number one multi-brand Ayurvedic chain of stores across the state of Karnataka.
  • Four, we at AyurCentral have a grand plan of setting up 150 outlets across Karnataka within a short span of two years and serve over one million patients through 500 doctors who will practice from the stores.
  • So, the fifth reason is, AyurCentral will not just function as a multi-brand drug store with more than 10,000 brands, but as a holistic health clinic, where a trained and experienced doctor will be available to treat patients.
  • Sixth, it’s been only 36 months since we started, but we are proud to say that there are 36 franchisees across Bengaluru, with each one, running successfully.
  • Seven, all that you need is a 250 sft – 400 sft space at a prime locality. In fact, we can assist you in spotting the ideal location, if needed.
  • Eight, we believe in offering a turn-key solution to kick start your business and guarantee returns of 25% to 30% within 24 – 30 months.
  • Nine, we assure break even within 3-6 months.
  • Finally, to embark upon this tested, proven and successful franchisee model, we would like to meet you in person and get to know you and sign on the dotted line with a minimum investment of just Rupees 20-25 lakhs only.

This makes it the perfect tenth reason why AyurCentral franchisee is realistic, different and a must-invest, business idea.

We will glad to meet you and begin a relationship that is truly healthy and rewarding.

Why AyurCentral is unique?

An enormous franchisee success mantra!

AyurCentral is an Ayurvedic superstore that provides the best in healthcare to people through time-tested Ayurvedic Medicine, Expert Consultations and Herbal Cosmetics. Spearheaded by a team of highly qualified and experienced Ayurveda professionals, renowned Vaidyas, and proficient pharmacists with collective experience of 40 years, AyurCentral distinguishes itself by offering high quality health care at low cost prices. This is what makes AyurCentral different and superb!

A franchisee opportunity where there is simply no competition!

Doesn’t that make you curious? Curious enough to grab this opportunity?

With over 5000 years heritage and admired as the world’s oldest healing science, Ayurveda provides healthcare solutions that address complete physical, mental and social well-being. This is why taking up a franchisee with AyurCentral, makes perfect business sense. Because, there is simply no competition. And this aspect alone will lay the strongest foundation for a profitable future.

AyurCentral – A healthy advantage!

  • The only multi-brand chain that has over 10,000 brands of medicines manufactured by more than 500 reputed companies dedicated to Ayurveda.
  • The one-stop shop for experienced Ayurveda Doctor Consultations, Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Cosmetics.
  • Flexible and long working hours from 10 am to 9 pm to give maximum advantage to consult doctors even after work.
  • Thousands of satisfied and completely cured people who have been suffering from many chronic diseases.
  • One of the fastest growing chains that caters to holistic healing and well-being through Ayurveda.

AyurCentral – The formula to grow and grow big.

A recent study conducted across 100 cities in India concludes that 35% choose AyurCentral in Urban India and over 80% of rural India relies on herbal medicine.

  • Plans a foot to open scores of Ayur Central outlets across India.
  • The freedom to operate without drug license or dependence on pharmacists.
  • Site survey to identify the ideal location and provide excellent infrastructure & interior design.
  • Stocking up medicines for treating all ailments and preventing diseases.
  • Leveraging the rich heritage and reputation of Ayurveda.

Our Guarantee

  • Qualified and experienced Doctors and trained sales people to manage the store and interact with people in a pleasant manner
  • Complete marketing support to assist in running the business, plan the right product mix and implement strategies that ensure high profit and low risk.
  • Complete training to the franchisee and the staff.
  • User-friendly software to manage inventory
  • Integrated marketing support through print, web, and outdoor camp support.
  • Exclusive marketing tie ups.

It’s realistically different!

Every AyurCentral Franchisee can be assured of:

  • A turn-key solution to start the business.
  • Expert guidance on day to day operations and inventory control system and processes.
  • Assured break even within 3-6 months.
  • Guaranteed returns of 25% to 30% within 24 – 30 months.
  • Software Installation & Web Camera installation.