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I am studying 11th standard. From childhood, I was suffering from bed wetting problem. It was painful and embarrassing too. My sisters used to insult me in front of relatives. Because of this I never stayed in any of my relatives’ house. My performance in studies was affected and I became depressed and stressed. I took so many treatments. I used to feel ashamed whenever a family member spoke about this problem. One day my mother took me to a nearby AyurCentral clinic. The doctor told me to take treatment for 2 months. The doctor informed that most bedwetting children are simply delayed in developing the ability to stay dry and that they have no other developmental problems. I have taken the treatment for two months as per the doctor’s advice. Now I am relieved from the bed wetting problem. I am so relieved and happy to be normal again.

Bed Wetting – Alarm Story

Ms. Pratima – 16yrs – Student
I am working as a senior marketing executive for Nova Healthcare Limited for the past 7 years. I was suffering from a running nose for over 5 years. I used to wake up from bed in the morning with a series of sneezes. My wife and children would wake up along with me because of my sneezing. As a marketing professional I meet several people and interact with them. I was not able to interact with people properly because of this problem. I had to cover my nose with my handkerchief and my eyes were always red. I felt very much bumpy. I used to get temporary relief after taking CETZINE. Over a period, I became addicted to CETZINE. Several treatments proved futile. One day, Bashkir, a good friend, told me to try Ayurvedic treatment. That’s when I approached an AyurCentral clinic. The doctor diagnosed the disease as “Allergic Rhinitis” and prescribed 3 months treatment. I took the medicines regularly and I am now completely free from sneezing and running nose problem.

Allergic Rhinitis – A Report

Mr. Ravish– 30 yrs – Senior Marketing Executive
I am fond of eating outside and couldn’t control the craving for such food. Unfortunately, whenever I eat outside, I would feel the urge to go to the loo. This would make me very uncomfortable. Moreover, I would get stomach cramps in the lower abdomen. Gradually, eating outside became a nightmarish experience. I faced this problem for nearly two years. My stool result showed contents of mucous and even blood. Doctors treated me with several antibiotics for more than 8 months. Yet, I did not get any relief. I couldn’t attend any party or function for the fear of going to the loo immediately. I was forced to stay at home and not venture out to snack or eat. This situation was very depressing. I was eagerly looking for a permanent cure. My husband took me to an AyurCentral Clinic. The doctor diagnosed the disease as “Amoebiasis” and he asked me to undergo 3 types of medication for 3 months. After 3 months treatment, I am completely cured of this problem and now I am ready to eat my favorite snacks like: chaat, dosa and Pani Puri again. My husband and other family members are totally surprised. Thanks to the Ayurvedic treatment, I am fully cured.

Amoebiasis – A Truthful Report

Mrs. Ashwini – 32yrs – A Homemaker
I am working as a Clerk in Indian Overseas Bank for the past 20 years. For nearly 3 years, I was suffering from some sort of frustration. I used to sweat even sitting in an AC environment. I was experiencing hot flushes 3-4 times a day. I became highly irritable and angry. I used to shout at my husband and children without reason. My sleep also reduced to just 2 hours. I consulted a Gynecologist who advised me to take Ayurvedic pills. But my agony continued despite taking these pills. I was very upset and felt ashamed of my behavior. Gokila, a good friend, who was treated by Dr. Nayak, suggested me to go to Ayurvedic centre in R.T. Nagar. Dr. Nayak diagnosed my problem as Menopausal Syndrome and explained everything about it. He prescribed a few simple medicines which also contain calcium. Within two weeks, my problems disappeared dramatically. But as per Dr. Nayak’s instructions, I continued the treatment for 18 months. Now I am perfectly fine.

Menopausal Syndrome – A Report

Mrs. Shanthi – 48yrs
I lead a sedentary life. The whole day I sit at the cash counter of my shop. One day I experienced discomfort in the chest. Hence I consulted my family doctor. He advised ECG and lipid profile test. The result showed that the cholesterol level was very high, even triglyceride was also high. He prescribed ATORVASTATIN 10 mg daily. After I started taking this medicine, I developed some kind of restlessness, muscle weakness and mild memory loss. I repeated a few blood tests and learnt that there was only a marginal decrease compared to the earlier report. I was scared and stopped taking this tablet. I searched through the internet and learned about AyurCentral. I consulted the doctor at AyurCentral and he prescribed a few Ayurvedic capsules for 3 months. After three months the test results showed that my Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, VLDL, and LDL were within limit. I was surprised and felt really happy. The doctor advised proper diet. Now I am without medication and enjoy a proper lifestyle. Thanks to AyurCentral.

High Cholesterol – A Report

Mr. Shadashiva – 46yrs – A Shopkeeper
I am a dentist by profession and have my own clinic. It’s been three years since I am married. I have piled up excessive weight over the years. My problem was, I used to get irregular periods. I consulted a gynecologist. The doctor advised me to take an ultrasound sonography. I was shocked to see the report. I had multiple cysts in both the ovaries. The doctor prescribed me METFORMIN. After the treatment, the frequency of menses increased to 60 days. But, I felt no progress in the treatment. I took allopathic treatment for 8 months. My husband’s colleague advised me to switch over to Ayurvedic treatment. So, my husband took me to an AyurCentral clinic. The Ayurvedic consultant explained that I have a poly cystic ovarian disease. He asked me to undergo PANCHAKARMA THERAPY along with oral medications for 4 months. Now I am conceived by 6 months. Thanks to the Ayurvedic therapy which cured me of the infertility problem.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease – A Detailed Report

Mrs. Rajani – 30yrs